The Centrepiece
of a Visionary
Future For The
Central Coast

Welcome to my city, the centrepiece of a visionary future for the Central Coast. We’re creating the Central Coast capital of the future. It is the place where my community comes alive.

Gosford Alive is a 15-20 year vision from urban renewal specialists, Lederer Property. The Master Plan for the $650 million mixed-use development sets out an exciting proposal for a vibrant new urban precinct across a 5.8-hectare site in Gosford CBD just minutes from Gosford Train Station, that will transform Gosford CBD and create a new civic heart for the people of the Central Coast Region.

Inner-city Living

A contemporary mix of apartments featuring striking architecture that reflects and celebrates the region’s natural beauty, will form strong connections with the existing urban landscape.

Civic Heart

It is envisaged that Kibble Park will be transformed into a new civic heart with a maximised green footprint and new café and restaurant concepts. The park will feature new water features, a multipurpose performance space, enhanced childrens’ playground, substantial tree planting and a market venue, certain to become a popular family destination and buzzing social scene.

Retail Renaissance

Residents will benefit from new shopping, food and entertainment experiences with an additional 8,000 square metres of retail/commercial space and 300 more parking spaces, proposed as part of the ongoing redevelopment of the Imperial Centre.

A New
Urban Precinct

A New Era For

Over the next 20 years, the population of the Central Coast region is set to grow by 70,000 to 409,450. In line with the NSW Government’s Draft Central Coast Strategy 2015, which defines Gosford as the new capital of the Central Coast, Gosford Alive will provide a new city living experience for for Gosford and provide an array of long-term benefits to the community.

Urban Design

In partnership with leading architectural firm Conybeare Morrison (CM+), Lederer Property has answered the NSW Government’s call to action. High-end apartments, an eclectic retail mix and a renewed Kibble Park will all play a part in providing an inner city living experience, employment opportunities and a buzzing social scene – all within a walkable city centre.

Building a
Buzzing Community

When completed, Gosford Alive will create a new social hub for the community. While keeping a ‘green’ infrastructure, Lederer Property is committed to the delivery of a vibrant inner-city precinct that actively contributes to the health and well being of the community.

20 Year
Master Plan


    Approximately 8,000 sqm retail/commercial space + approximately 300 additional parking spaces


    Green ‘infrastructure’ proposed throughout, protecting existing trees and planting more to maximize the precinct’s green footprint


    Striking designs that reflect and celebrate the region’s natural beauty while connecting with existing urban landscape


    Tall slender towers to minimise shadows and add strong architectural appeal.


    New cafes and restaurants plus eclectic retail mix to attract visitors beyond the nine-to-five.


    Contemporary housing mix, with a proposed medical centre, gym and childcare centre to promote the wellbeing of residents.


    Transit oriented development (TOD) principles have been applied to create pathways, enhance connectivity and promote walkability.


  • SITE A

    Imperial Shopping Centre

    Developed as the second stage of the project over a 15-20 horizon.

    Proposal for approx. 730 apartments above the shopping centre.

    Proposed average building height is 20 storeys (RL 77.70).

  • SITE B

    Site of Kibbleplex Centre

    Developed as the first stage of the project over next 5 years.

    Proposal includes 730 residential apartments.

    Proposed average building height is at 23 storeys (RL 83.81).

  • SITE C

    Kibble Park

    It is envisaged that Kibble Park will be transformed into a civic heart with a maximised green footprint and new café and restaurant concepts.

    The proposed park transformation will feature new water features, a multipurpose performance space, enhanced children’s playground, substantial tree planting and a market venue.

to the

Lederer Property has a long-term relationship with the region, through its ownership of the Imperial Centre. As urban renewal specialists, Lederer Property have long since identified the huge potential for Gosford to evolve into a thriving, characterful coastal city and are deeply committed to working with Gosford City Council and the community to deliver this transformational vision at such an exciting time for Gosford.

From sunrise to
sunset, Gosford's
future is set to
come alive

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At the very heart of Gosford Alive is the community. It’s why we want to hear from you and what you think about Gosford Alive and the vision to transform the heart of the city and create a vibrant precinct for the future.

We invite you to learn more about the Gosford Alive Master Plan as well as the planning process.

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What Happens

The first stage of the project will see the ‘Gosford Alive’ Master Plan advanced as a Stage 1 development application (DA). The DA will be lodged with Gosford City Council in the first quarter of 2016. Due to the capital investment value of the project, NSW planning legislation requires that the DA is assessed by the Joint Regional Planning Panel on behalf of Gosford City Council.

The Master Plan provides for the staging of the project at five-year intervals. Pending the approval of the Master Plan DA, each subsequent stage would be the subject of its own development application and would be assessed against a planning framework that encompasses the Stage 1 Master Plan alongside relevant state and local environmental planning instruments.


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